• QUICK START: Turn knob to select load type, then press start.
  • Add laundry to washer
  • If using laundry pacs, add them directly to the tub
  • Add liquid or dry detergent, liquid fabric softener, or bleach by pulling out the top left drawer and adding each to its designated compartment (detergent on left, softener front right, bleach rear right) then close the drawer.
  • Select your load type (bulky, normal, etc) using the knob
  • Fine tune your wash temperature and spin speed by pressing the buttons underneath each until the light next to your desired setting is lit up.
  • To change options (end of cycle chime, extra rinse, etc) press the options button until the light blinks for the setting you want to change, then press the select button to toggle that setting.
  • Choose soil level. Light soil shortens the wash time, heavy soil lengthens the wash time.
  • Press start
  • As long as the “add garment” button is lit, you may press Start/Pause to unlock the door and add more laundry. Close door and press Start again to resume the cycle.

  • Clean the lint filter. The lint filter is located inside the door on the bottom lip of the dryer opening. Pull it up, remove any excess lint, and discard it in a trash can. Then, put the filter back in place.
  • To start a cycle, turn the knob to choose between an automatic (bulky/normal/casual) or a timed dry cycle.
  • If using a timed dry, select your dry temperature.
  • If using an automatic cycle, select your desired dryness level.
  • To change other options, press the options button until the desired setting light blinks, and then press select to turn it on or off.
  • Press start to begin the cycle.

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