Master Bedroom
  • Always launder used quilts and blankets
  • Change bed.
    • Use off white quilts.
    • Use 4 pillows. (2 in cases, 2 in shams)
    • Fold over the quilt and sheet in an attractive way, so that the ruched edge of the sheet is on top.
  • Make sure there are one gray and one ivory blanket in the dresser doors, and drawers are empty
  • A multi charger cable should be on one of the night stands
Master Bath
  • Refill shower dispensers.
  • Refill spa salts. (Eucalyptus epsom salt)
  • 3 or 4 bath cups on sink
  • 2 extra rolls TP under sink
  • Air freshener: let me know if it seems low, or replace
  • Vanity: hair dryer in top drawer, pile of thin wash pots in the second drawer, make sure there are no guests leftovers in vanity.

Linens as listed below, also see pictures

  • Towels: 3 (2 on long bar, 1 on short bar)
  • Hand towels: 2 (1 on towel bar, 1 folded)
  • Wash Cloths: 6 (one folded on sink with hand towel, one on hanging hand towel, one on each bath towel)
  • Bath Mat: 1 (hanging on short shower wall)
  • Always alternate colors when placing towels and washcloths. (White wash cloth on top of gray towel, gray wash cloth on white hand towel, etc.)
Common Bath
  • Top off shower dispensers as needed
  • Toilet tissue: at least half roll, plus two or three under the sink
  • Three towels, four washcloths, one hand towel as pictured
Blue Bedroom
  • Launder used sheets and blankets
  • Closet: 1 each spare pillow, ivory blanket, gray blanket
  • Make bed
    • Use blue quilt, star side up.
    • Fold over top edge of quilt and sheets in an attractive way so that the ruched edge of sheet is on display.
    • Use 4 pillows: 2 in cases, 2 in shams.
  • A multi charger cord should be on one of the night stands
Living Room
  • Check if sleeper was used, strip if needed.
  • Remote on coffee table between recliners
  • If next guest scheduled within 48 hours, turn on table lamps
Dining Room

Fill napkins if needed. Wash placemats if needed and arrange around table.

  • Coffee Cabinet
  • Sink
    • Fill dish soap if needed
    • New folded disposable dish towel with new sponge on top, in front of soap
    • Below sink, several trash bags and several dishwasher packets, all purpose spray, and Windex
  • Bar cabinet
    • Lower shelf, left to right: wine glasses, martini glasses, rocks glasses. Silver corkscrew in between wine or martini glasses
    • Middle shelf, left to right: bar kit, champagne glasses, ice bucket behind stainless steel cubes
  • Paper towels: at least half roll, folded to a point
  • Make sure dishwasher is empty
  • Make sure there are no leftovers in fridge. (Condiments etc may be left for future guests
  • Check if spices or oil are low
Laundry Closet
  • Washer and dryer should be empty
  • Fill laundry soap container and fabric softener sheets
  • Put out one blanket and set of sheets for sleeper sofa

Check/clean grill
Notify me if anything needs cleaned that’s not part of your normal cleaning


Sweep as needed, or notify me if it needs to be power washed

Front Porch

Check porch and cushions for dirt or bird droppings. Let me know if anything needs to be power washed


  • TP
  • Paper Towels
  • Hand Soap
  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Soap
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Coffee/tea/Hot Chocolate
  • Sweetener and creamer
  • Cleaning supplies

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