• Do not open any gates, climb fences, or enter any of the pastures.
  • No parties or events are allowed. The property is for registered guests only. If you wish to invite day guests, please obtain prior consent.
  • No pets.
  • All amenities (including towels, dishes, toiletries, coffee, etc.) are provided for your on-site use only. Please do not remove any of these items from the premises. If you need towels for use on the lake, please bring your own. Exception: there are a few coolers stored in the master closet that may be used off site.
  • We provide a supply of consumable items (toilet paper, dish detergent, coffee, etc.) based on the length of your stay, but we don’t restock or replenish these items during your stay, so please plan accordingly.
  • No smoking or vaping inside the house. When smoking outdoors, dispose of used cigarettes safely (don’t drop them in the yard.)
  • If you use the grill, double check that the gas is off when you are done. (It’s connected to our main supply)
  • If something is damaged or not working correctly during your stay, please let us know so we can arrange for its replacement or repair.
  • Please be respectful of the property and the neighbor at all times.
  • When parking, please don’t block driveway, gates, or shop doors, as we may need to access these areas during your stay.
  • Enjoy yourself and the 20,000 acre view!

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