The TV in the guest bedroom currently only offers local OTA channels.

Light Switches and Ceiling Fan

The switches inside the bedroom door are labeled for ceiling lights and fan. The third switch is not in use.
To use the ceiling fan, turn it on using the switch, then adjust the speed using the pull chain on the fan.

Bedside Lamps

The bedside lamps are touch activated. Just touch the base or any metal part of the lamp to cycle between low, medium, high, and off.


  • Each bedside lamp has 2 USB ports on the front of the base
  • 110 outlets are on the wall behind each bedside table
  • The alarm clock has wireless charging built into the top surface. Just center your phone on the top of the alarm clock and check to be sure it’s charging.
  • There should be at least one multi-charger cable in the room (Lighting, USB-C, and Micro USB)
Alarm Clock

  • Adjust the brightness (0%-100%) using the wheel on the back of the clock
  • Set the alarm time by holding one of the alarm set buttons, then rotating the wheel on the back.
  • Turn the alarm(s) on or off using the small slider switches on the back

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