We call the loft above the kitchen “Grandma’s Attic.” This unique space offers a nostalgic glimpse into the past. Although not accessible, you can peer up from below and feel as if you’re looking into the past, almost as if Grandma was just there a moment ago. The rocking chair and seat pillow are authentic pieces from my grandmother, as well as the feed sack fabric on the rack by the window. These add an interesting touch, since feed sack fabric holds historical significance: it was commonly used for quilts, dresses, tea towels, and more during the Great Depression era when resourcefulness was key. The basket of quilts showcases the craftsmanship of my mother, who pieced and hand quilted each one. Several other items on display also belonged to or were made by my mother or grandmother, making Grandma’s Attic a tribute to family heritage and cherished memories.

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