• Before you start, check that the water reservoir has enough water.
  • To make a POT of coffee:
    • Add a filter and coffee to the basket.
    • Press the ‘cups’ button (second from the back, with a carafe icon).
    • Wait until the number buttons blink blue, then press 8, 10, or 12 to select the number of cups desired.
  • To make a CUP of coffee:
    • Place your cup under the brew spout.
    • Insert a K-Cup and close the lid.
    • Press the ‘oz’ button. This is the button closest to the back, with a mug icon.
    • Wait until the number buttons blink blue, then press 8, 10, or 12 to select the cup size.
  • Reusable Coffee Pods
    • Open pod and fill with coffee
    • Tap pod on counter to settle and compact coffee
    • Continue to add a little coffee and tap on counter until coffee is level with the bottom of the top plastic ring.
    • Place in coffee maker and brew like a regular coffee pod
    • Dispose of used coffee grounds in trash. (Don’t empty them in the sink)
    • Rinse pod with water, or wash in dishwasher in the covered part of the silverware rack.
  • To turn off the coffee maker
    • Press and hold the lighted cup or pot button until the light goes out.
    • Coffee maker (carafe warmer) will also shut off automatically after 2 hours
  • Notes
    • If you have trouble reinserting the coffee basket, ensure that the inner basket is properly seated.
    • If you press the number buttons too soon after pressing the OZ or CUP button, nothing will happen. You need to wait until they start blinking.
    • There is an ADD WATER indicator on top that will blink blue if there’s not enough water in the reservoir for your brew. If there isn’t enough water, your brew won’t start when you press a number button.
EMBER Coffee Mugs
  • Fill mug with hot beverage
  • Enjoy (Battery usually lasts around 80 minutes)
  • If light on mug turns red, it’s time to recharge
  • Hand wash with soap and water (mug may be fully submerged)
  • Make sure outside of mug is dry before charging
  • Place on charging coaster until ready to use again
  • Light will pulse red while charging and turn solid when fully charged.
Refrigerator Ice Dispenser
  • Press the leftmost button to select between water, cubes, or crushed ice.
  • Place your cup under the dispenser and hold it against the dispensing button.
  • It can take a 1-2 seconds for the ice to start dispensing.

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